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This is UGL

Briefly about UGL

UGL is a leadership training for everyone who wants to understand leadership and teamwork in groups and who wants to explore their own role. The training originates from the Swedish National Defense fundamental leadership training for aspiring officers: Utveckling av grupp och ledare, UGL (Development of Group and Leaders, sometimes in English named Understanding Group and Leaders).

Today UGL is one of the most popular leadership trainings in Sweden both in private and public sectors.

UGL provides a great understanding of what happens in groups and how groups develop. It also shows how leadership is both a provider and a prerequisite for the growth of the group into a highly effective team. It gives you a great insight of your own role as a team member and your leadership capabilities.

Experiential learning
The training method for UGL termed “experiential learning” and is based on Kolb’s theories of learning. Group members face different tasks as a group to handle or resolve. This creates shared experiences which are explored by the group and learning is created. With the help of accepted scientific theories, the experiences and learnings are even more clear. The group and the individuals are living in their own learning situation and through action and reflection creates new ways to think and behave in relation to others.

UGL Training, form and structure
The number of participants per course is minimum 8 and maximum 12 participants. The course is led by two certified facilitators, licensed by the National Defense University to lead UGL courses according UGL 2022. The course is conducted over five consecutive days at a training center. Your full attention is requires. It is not possible to come and go during the course or to do other work or study during the course.

For more information about UGL in English or to register for a course please send an e-mail to: stephan@uglutbildarna.se

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